The flag of Constantine XI Palaiologos


This is the flag attributed to the last Roman Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos, defender of Constantinople.
The flag includes all the emblems of the Eastern Roman Empire:

a) the Cross with the inscription “εν τούτω νίκα” (with this you win) shown in the sky to the Emperor saint Constantine I the Great.

b) the double-headed eagle, emblem of the Empire

c) the “emblem” of Jesus Christ (the small one above the doudle-headed eagle). It is a combination of three letters: (1) I [for Iesus, Ιησούς, Jesus]; (2) XP [for Xpistos, Χριστός, Christ].

d) the four Bs standing for the phrase: King of Kings Reigning over those who Rule (Βασιλεύς Βασιλέων Βασιλεύων Βασιλευόντων)

The imperial purple and gold were the colours used.


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